In the past few decades we have seen tremendous changes in the field of science and technology. Each day that passes by, brings in newer inventions into our lives.These innovations alter the way people think,communicate and act.

An anonymous quote reads, “It takes one great idea and a bunch of mad people to change the world.” Mad as in, people obsessed with their ideas; Ideas that might be perceived as wild, foolish or silly by the rest of the uninitiated, as has been the tradition hitherto towards most of all the great ideas. With time, these ideas become the greatest and most useful inventions for the humanity. Whether it is electric bulb, computers, portable music players or mobile phones, or more fundamentally heliocentricity, Theory of Evolution by natural selection, etc..

One should always remember that the amount of knowledge one believes to possess is an infinitesimal portion of all that entire humanity has accumulated. And this precisely is where sharing of knowledge comes into picture.

“Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet has free access to the sum of all human knowledge”, says Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia.

Not as Wikipedia, but on similar goals of sharing, here is an attempt by a team of students from various engineering colleges, especially from electronics and communication field, hoping to create some sparks in the form of a technology discussion and sharing forum: Bitstream!.

This will be a platform for all the students to interact and demonstrate their creative abilities in Electronics and Communication.

Let us hope more and more young minds from various parts of India will make this initiative a huge success.

-Saneesh Cleatus Thundiyil
Asst Professor in a reputed institution in Bangalore