‘Bit stream’ is the outcome of a group of students trying to put their knowledge to the best possible use. In this website we make an attempt to provide you with that much needed break from the monotony of EC related discussions.

Being students ourselves we think we can understand the needs of a fellow student effectively. Having managed
to churn out our first edition with a lot of enthusiasm we envision a day when our website would be flooded with comments and posts showering us with great ardor.

We will be uploading our website consistently with articles that span across verticals like: latest technological advancements, mini project ideas, ECE in research, fun,
trivia, puzzles etc.

Our simple approach involves us trying to bridge the gap between academics and pragmatic approaches without which the
former hardly has any implication. We hope to capture your interest with our hand-picked articles and help retain that intrigue which brought you here in the first place.

Team Bitstream