1) 5 per cent tolerance.

4) If the picture is stretched or distorted up and down like a fun house mirror the circuit to adjust or repair is?

3) A connection that shouldn’t be there. (5,7)

11) Buzzers and LEDs are examples of a

10 ) Turn a circuit on or off with this.

15) Temperature changes its resistance.

14) You do this to fix components on to a chipboard.

6) A light sensitive resistor (abbreviation).


13) Instrument used to measure digital signals.

9) E in EPROM stands for?

7) Made from a variety of materials, such as carbon, this inhibits the flow of current.

12) The internal impedance of an ideal current source is?

8) Helps the solder flow.

2) This can be used as a switch or an amplifier.

5) Stores current for a while.