1.       A transistor amplifier with 85% efficiency is most likely?(4,1)

6.       Tank Circuits are also called?(4,8)

7.       A diode used as a voltage regulator?(5)

9.       A device that measures speed using flickering light?(11)

10.     A type of cell that cannot be used until it dies?(6,7)

11.      Diode use for high speed switching?(8)

12.     A filter which passes a range of frequencies and all others are rejected?(8)

13.     SI unit of luminous intensity is?(7)


1.       Oscillator that has the best frequency stability?(7)

2.      Device which generates non-sinusoidal waveform?(5,9)

3.      Type of resistors connected parallel with capacitor in power supply?(7)

4.      Strongest dielectric material?(5)

5.      Tapped coil(7)

8.      Incomplete charging in lead acid battery leads to?(10)